Monuments, Monoliths

by Huldra

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Salt Lake City, Utah-based post metal outfit Huldra's first full-length album. Roughly 77 minutes of music.


released January 12, 2013

Huldra is M. Brotherton, C. Garrido, L. Hanna, E. Smith, S. Wasilewski.
All music written and produced by Huldra.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Andy Patterson.
Artwork by Derek Ballard.



all rights reserved


Huldra Salt Lake City, Utah

Huldra was a band from 2009 to 2016. You can listen to their recordings here, but no more new material will be released. Thanks all.

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Track Name: Monuments
They call me a man
A monument
A dreamer

An embodiment
Of hope for those
Who seek light
When misery consumes
The radiance of this world
Countenance contends mass exodus

Blot out the rays from the stars
A beacon shines out shimmering brilliance
A pillar of light to

Guide the lost
Back home
Drive the sick
Into healing arms
Bring the weary
Back from the brink
Track Name: Twisted Tongues and Gnarled Roots
Luminescent orbs had kept us
On course but
Gnarled roots then lead us astray

Their wisdom filled us with
The strength to carry on

But twisted tongues spat
Poisonous words and the poison

Took kindly to our veins
A plague upon us all

Standing on the shoulders of titans
Lofty perch bears witness to travesty
Stoney eyes gaze on
Shadows encroach by the second

Casting a dim light upon us
Quickly fading wavering and weak
Lay your weary head upon my hands

This sickness stakes its claims
On the lives of lesser men
O dwindling light resurge

Tired limbs begin to wither and
Begin to quiver under the weight of
The push and pull and sway of the storm

Corrupted words had gotten the best of her
Betrayal committed amongst the roots and leaves
Once viewed as a savior, this man is but a ruse
Leaving behind too many traces of his infidelity

Live and die on this day
Track Name: Noctua
Track Name: Ursidae
They weighed our hearts on sin alone
A transformation that can never be undone
Their soles will never again grace the waves
The punishment borne by Callisto and her cub

You took
The light from the stars
And soon
The sun will follow

Water would douse the fire
In their hearts
But the first fire is
Tendrils of light from the
Sky reach down
Water to drown out the
Hope they had
Clouds swept in to make the
Light recede
Hurried off and kept at bay
Scorned and betrayed by those in who
They placed their trust
A trust misplaced
Amber eyes and claws
Then the hunter
Pierced a poison arrow
Through the coat of fur and flesh
They were scorned and left on their own

Temet nosce, ursidae
Track Name: Thousands of Eyes
Wary of those
That watch with malevolent
Your every move
Locked in
Their gaze at your

Do you feel it
They are watching
Do you feel it
They are watching

You sense that they
Are upon us
They are all-seeing
They are plotting

Do you feel it
They are watching
Do you feel it
They are here with us now

A figure stands
Tall above
The grain waves
Piercing rays from

Sun reach surface
Rips hope
From flesh
And last lingerings of love
From your bleak and empty heart

We shield our eyes
That we might see
No features form
Only broken limbs and blood

Beneath the
Weight of idle hands
Heavy like stones
Immovable and dense
Unable to escape
Thousands of eyes are observing

Do you feel it
They are here with us now
Track Name: Damnatio ad Bestias
Track Name: As Above, So Below
The dreamer closes it's eyes, it's mind
The void consumes the stars
Our monuments, and earth crumble
And turn to dust
As above, so below
I am the dreamer
I am the dream
Track Name: Is This the End? This Is the End
Alone and adrift in the sea of stars

Outcast and forgotten by all
Nothing more than a distant memory
This nameless wanderer lashes out
In a desperate attempt to be remembered

As he descends, fire rains down
Darkness consumes, a cry rings out,

"Is this the end? This is the end..."
Track Name: Monoliths
The monolith rises
Stretches far and wide into the sky
Connecting the earth with the clouds
Unifying stone mass extends into the expanse
Track Name: Auctoritas Non Veritas Facit Legem
Track Name: The City In the Sky
The city in the sky
Is buried beneath a fog
If we could pierce a light
Through the clouds we would see
Its citizens weep
But as time wanes
Everything is lost
Within the wispy clutches
And subtle sullied breaths
Of the world above

The city in the sky is left to
Degenerate decay divide
A plague of gods and men
Submit surrender succumb
Stars become a testament to their collapse
Accept acquiesce allow

Wraiths will writhe in the sky
As times of yore are written
Accented by gaseous light-bearing orbs
In the city in the sky