Signals From the Void EP

by Huldra

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Salt Lake City post metal outfit Huldra's debut EP. Name-Your-Price download - just enter $0.00 for a free digital download of the EP in its entirety! Edit 11/28/11: You can now get lyrics by clicking "Lyrics" next to individual songs and scrolling down. Thanks for helping us reach 1000 plays!

All music written and produced by Huldra.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Andy Patterson.
Artwork by Darin Smith at Manikin Studios.
Thank you for listening.


released November 11, 2011

Huldra is: M. Brotherton, C. Garrido, L. Hanna, E. Smith, S. Wasilewski



all rights reserved


Huldra Salt Lake City, Utah

Huldra was a band from 2009 to 2016. You can listen to their recordings here, but no more new material will be released. Thanks all.

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Track Name: A Signal Permeates the Sky
The strength of the signal is what brought us here, to you
Your sinewy fingers claw at the sky

You thought you were safe here in this hall of altered consciousness
As you cry out

"Why has this happened?"
"How did it take hold?"
"When will it all be restored?"

The signal it grows as time lengthens
It branches forth and converges onto your body

I will breathe life
Back into your prone body
I will tear the sky open
And flood light onto your face
I will breathe life
Into the mass that lies dormant
A flame will burst forth into you

You had noticed the pierced wings flailing about
But never gave a second thought to its meaning
Optimism fails to burst through
And it all carries on this way
Track Name: The Beginning of All Things That Will Ever Be
Track Name: Ashen Lips
A piercing flash of light
The cloud unfurls
And scatters ash about
You are burning me away
With ashen lips
Time will stand still forever more

A cloud, a storm
What disastrous grace
Silhouettes burn into the city scape
A glaring contrast
As pendulous threads unfurled
Hands of time have ceased to move

The ground is sick
The sky is dull
Lest we forget it all
An indelible print is left
Track Name: The End of All Things That Ever Were
Track Name: A Foothill Lies On the Backside of the Mountain That Looms Before Us
It is here that they
Will attempt to turn you
Espouse fictional tales
And claim them as evidence
Of a higher being's callings
They want you to see as they see
And they want you to give
A penance to pay a debt unknown
They want you to even forsake
Your own blood
To dry a river
And make it flow once more
With flesh upon tears
All for something intangible
One who claims perfection
When perfection's never to be had
They want you to kill
And be stark raving mad
In a place that needs not
Perfection of that of a
False architect

And in your mind
You will find
That all the answers
Lie inside yourself
How hard could it be
To see that
Our moral institutions
Rely not in false texts
But within our own veins
And one day
Perhaps we can accept
That these delusions
Are quite unnecessary
And the next step
May be the last
To transcendance

From these
Be bound
No more